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Post  Admin on Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:11 pm

This challenge is to see who can develop the most creative mode for Galiavan to go into!

Simply put create the following:

-Universal Event
-Effects for Everyone
-Time Limit for Event

Example: Paintball Mode- All ammunition is turned to paintballs during a 2 day post time.

(Able to be posted in Knight's Advice on Galindex)

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Mode Challenge Empty Re: Mode Challenge

Post  Rufus Tenik on Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:19 pm

Mode: 10 years less-or-18 years more
-for 2657 characters: adding 18 years more brings your character from 2657 into play with all skills weapons, looks etc in use (Galindex has most of the original profiles)
-for those who fought in Beijio civil war: subtracting ten years drops any recently made skills in exchange for more stamina and speed of being young-and brings all past weapons into play and looks etc (or limbs if you lost one recently)
-For everyone else: You decide-add 18 years or take 10 years off your character's current age.

Time Limit for Event:
Whenever someone wants to activate it. It's mostly for Freelance, unless admin or moderators like the idea. I'll let them decide the place and time Razz

Rufus Tenik
Rufus Tenik

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