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Post  Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:56 am

Demon Hunter: Demon Hunter is an American metalcore band from Seattle, Washington. A Christian group, it was started by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Demon Hunter's members are Christian and express their love for Christ in many of their songs. Although the brothers created the band, only one remains, Don Clark having left the band to take care of his family.[4] As of Early 2010 the band has sold over half a million albums.[5]


Though here in the Galiavan and Mu-Irizk Arena home a demon hunter is a person who possesses the special powers to hunt demons, and in some cases control them.

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Post  Vincent Valor on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:21 am

Name: Vincent James Valor
Nickname: Vince
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
sex: male
hair: dark brown, low ponytail
eye: blue

Clothes: a short sleaved leather coat, Army green Military jacket overtop, darkbrown button up shirt , black leather fatigues, black fingerless gloves. A Slouch Hat. Black eyepatch on right eye.

1.)A Falcon 5 Combat Sniper Rifle [gun]
2.)Breland Type 56 Assault rifle [gun]
3.)A TARU .357 [gun]
4.)AMI Tarus's: two enhanced rapid fire action .45's automattics [Primary handguns]
5.)Transedge+Ragnarok (the War God Freyd's blade) [sword]
6.)Combat knife and Bowie knife [knives]
7.)Beijio-Civil War era Mauser Beijionese Pistol[gun]
8.)Lever action shotgun [gun]
9.)Frag grenades (x2)

10.) Two enlengthend .22 stainless double derringers that slide out from under his coat when needed;( they also can be silenced for covert missions). [gun]

Items: Lighter, tranciever

possessions: A self custom 'Stealth Quick draw' mechanisms, that is attatched to the arms, and when the .22 derringers are holstered in, he can flick his wrist, and the gun will slide up the arm and into his "ready-to-fire" hands.

Neo-Mjolnir: A black customized Chopper Motor-bike with silver break levers, and chrome rims. The tires are composed of a material that enables the ability to run on unstable or rough to coarse terrain, with shocks that enable the bike to be lifted up for landing on steep jumps; the bike has a built-in sheath, that can be used to hold Vince's katana, and is oiled to enable a quick and stable "slash", when confronted by "unwanted visitors". He is able to a variety of moves with his two main foot long handguns while driving...

Special Skills: Last Call: Drinks specially made liqours that enable him several of useful skills-however he has a limit of three drinks only-any more causes him to throw up and cause all the previous three drink's effects to wear off.

-Ithteca Whisky: Allow's "Fire Breath" when added to matches.
-Hiiten-Gumi Paralyzation Sake: Alows him to perform the '静寂しばらくの間' or "stillness spell", which makes the opponent to become 10 times as heavy as they naturally are each time he snaps his finger-but becomes powerless once the enemy finds a way around it, thus the reason Vince is imune to it.
-Izhevsk Vodka: Allow's him to perform "Flame Strike" with his blades when he pours it onto them.
-Rolan Gin: Allows him to heal gashes and wounds.
-Scardia "Fine-Wine": Allows him to quicken his speed by 10 times, allowing him to be temporarily a scardian-before he throws up
-Feniran Bourbon: Allows his resistance to elemental spells to be at a maximum and has no effect on him for the duration of the battle.

Story: Son of the legendary demon hunter Steven Valor, the Valor family is a long line of demon hunters. Now as the last member alive of the Valor line, he continues his family's work. He still is wrecklace as always, as he trys to make the world demon free. He lost his right eye to a demon when he confronted the daughter of the leader of the vampire clan that killed his family. He was seduced by her-and when he snapped back to reality-a demon drew an umbrella and ran it through his eye.
He now wears an eyepatch and some new clothes.

Likes: Liquor, Sake, Women, and s3x.

Dislikes: Vampires. Yes, some are so damn adorable, but they conjure bad feelings about the past...

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