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Characters: Bounty Hunters Empty Characters: Bounty Hunters

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:25 am

Bounty Hunters: A bounty hunter captures fugitives for a monetary reward (bounty). Other names, mainly used in the United States, include bail enforcement agent, fugitive recovery agent, and bail fugitive investigator. Bounty hunting, and bounty hunters, are legal in only two nations: the United States and the Republic of the Philippines.[1] Other countries do not have bounty hunters; they use only standard law enforcement agencies to recover suspects.


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Characters: Bounty Hunters Empty Re: Characters: Bounty Hunters

Post  Bianca on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:13 pm

Name: Bianca

Sex: Female

Age: ?? (around late teens, early twenties)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 123 lbs

Eyes: Red, feline, Beijionese

Hair: long blue; grey ears; tail

Species: Neko

Birthplace: Ravenhawke Island

Hometown: Ithteca

Occupation: Demon Huntress/mercenary/Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance: sexy, atheletic, young. DD breasts

-Melee Weapons: Konpaku
-Ranged weapons: Nero & Oro

Characters: Bounty Hunters CB0yhC2sEZfs53Q5aZB16w61642.gif?t=1281994812

Clothes: A large red leather coat with a split that runs halfway up the rear of the jacket, sleeves are rolled up to her elbows; a leather strap that holds back her breasts as well as covers her nipples; Black bikini thong; brown leather gun belt that hangs off her left hip and acrossed to her right thigh, healed leather boots. (Sometimes leather fingerless gloves that have holes in the nuckles and small sharp metal studs on the wrist bands)


Skills: Wall run, twosome time, honey-comb shot.

Natural Skills: Agility, balance, quick manuverability.

[optional post settings]
Character Date Status:
Single, but has seen no one worthy of 'taming' her just yet.

Story: A nekomimi woman who has taken many jobs to keep herself alive. Although it is uncertain why, she is definitely a person who likes to "stand out", but when people talk to her, she gives them sly and sometimes unfriendly retorts.
She seems to hate human men the most. (but hey-its not like she wont sleep with them) Razz

more info:

Characters: Bounty Hunters Bianca1.jpg?t=1281994368

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