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Official Prelim Match Roster Empty Official Prelim Match Roster

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:59 am

How Matches Are Organized:
The Number you chose will be your ID # as a result that is the number you will be on the list i go through when organizing the matches.

Matches will be organized by taking into account ID # and which arena was picked. This is why the arena # is a random pick.

There are Match Types that will be decided by chance of a D-20. The D-20 will be rolled on January 1st, 2011 and the Tournament will begin January 2nd, 2011. These dates are subject to change if # of contestants exceeds Min Cap of 18 or Max Cap of 28.

Roster: As of 12/23/2010 to be updated. Match Ups are FINAL.

Prelim #1:
Round One- Rufus Tenik Vs Asuza Blair : 18
Round Two- Xu Vs. Eka : 10

Prelim #2:
Round One- Ikai Boontai Vs. Vincent Valor : 17
Round Two- Shane Highsworth Vs. Alastor Grey : 6

Prelim #3:
Round One- Mukesh Vs. Bianca : 16 (Re-roll Result: 7)
Round Two- Ami Donnel Vs. Revan : 14

Prelim #4:
Round One- Drac Vs. Asura : 5
Round Two- Everin Faust Vs. Grimoire Valentine : 16

Prelim #5:
Round One- Tom Vs. Requis Malfont : 3
Round Two- Tifa Lockheart Vs. Arcanda : 3

Have Fun, Be Safe, Post often!

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