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Post  Admin on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:13 am

Humans: known taxonomically as Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man"),[3][4] are the only living species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family. Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.[5]

Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the hands for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other living species on Earth. Other higher-level thought processes of humans, such as self-awareness, rationality and sapience,[6][7][8] are considered to be defining features of what constitutes a "person".[9][10]

Like most higher primates, humans are social animals. However, humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of communication for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families to nations. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. With individuals widespread in every continent except Antarctica, humans are a cosmopolitan species. As of August 2010[update], the population of humans was estimated to be about 6.8 billion.[11]

Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through science, philosophy, mythology and religion. This natural curiosity has led to the development of advanced tools and skills, which are passed down culturally; humans are the only species known to build fires, cook their food, clothe themselves, and use numerous other technologies. (Taken from

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Characters: Human Empty Ami Donnel!!

Post  Ami Donnel on Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:30 am

Name: Ami Donnel
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 119 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: Breland City
Eyes: blue
Hair: Blue
Good or Evil?: whatever makes the viewers happy Smile
Bust: 36 D
Trained by: I trained myself bitches! Razz
Force User: nada
Occupation: Galiavan Reality T.V. Hostess & Star/ Mu-Irzik reporter/judge

-S.A.F.B. (go to Galiavan site to view: Shotguns and Long-Rifles: Page 2)

-Microphone (w/Speakers): Its more dangerous than you think Razz

-Anything: She has mastered most forms of physical combat, and can use elements and other wepons carried by (npc or non-npc) populace.
Clothes: (i have two sets; unlike most people Razz)

Set one?: (still under debate Question)

Set 2: (Usually seen with) a simple dark blue bikini with a floural print tie on skirt, sandals.

Personal items: Microphone


Physical featurez: Asian, Beautiful, fair skinned, extreamly atheletic, youth.
Skills: hand-to-hand brawling, Beijionese Maritial Arts.

Limit break: SOnic Boom: >:-D Twisted Evil
A reporter from Breland-she enjoys the thrill of life and gets into danger-intentionally. She is either crazy or accentric. Her passion is entertainment, and by any means necessary B)

Characters: Human Kawashima_Ami_by_jehanaruto.jpg?t=1290705714

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Characters: Human Empty President Tenik

Post  Rufus Tenik on Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:34 pm

Name: Rufus Tenik
age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Thin, regular build.
Species: Human
Hair: blond/with red streaks.
eyes: green.
Born in: year 2611, in Asrond, Gailden.
Hometown: Asrond, Gailden.
Mansion(s) owned: "Heartfeild" Manor in Breland; "Tenik" Manor in Asrond; ect..
Vehicles: The HighWind (airship); Freya (motorcycle)...
sex: male

Rank: President of Tenik Power Enginering Company, and Tenik Incorporated.

Clothes: White trench coat, black dress shirt, white pants, white silk vest. Black shoes. (White jacket, fully lined, with dark grey lapels, pockets with dark grey trimmed tops, with black buttons on cuffs (3 on each) and 8 down front of jacket
White long vest with inside pockets fully lined with black buttons from top to bottom with slit in back, White pants, Black turtleneck shirt, Black fingerless gloves, Brown lace up boots.).

Weapons: Eastwood Presidential Custom: (A double barrel sawnoff shotgun widely used throughout Galiavan. Weights were taken off), DarkSEED Magnum , Quicksilver HP; Mangus: A powerful .50 Magnum revolver (later becomes the scraps to create Nightroad and Alucard)

Skills: Gunslinging skills such as rain of lead, dead eye, twosome tyme, rapid fire, and spiral shot. can also do many hand-to hand combat skills too

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Characters: Human Empty Not really a human-but...

Post  Tom on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:28 am

Name: N/A
Nick name: "Tom"
Age: 37
Sex: male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: "Unknown"
Hair: Dark Brown (black), anime parted.
Eyes: Dark blue..turn red when in "Blood Lust"
Species: HUMAN/Terronian
OCCUPATION: Red5ive Leader

Clothes: A black trench coat that he either wears or simply lets hang over his shoulders, a black dress jacket, white dress shirt, black tie , black dress pants, Black Leather gloves, black sunglasses that hang on the tip of his nose, black leather shoes.

Weapons: Knives, daggers, shadow blades. His special blade is a Dagger and bowie knife in "Normal state", he calls them "Jack" and "Elmira".

1.) Blood Lust mode: Eyes glow crimson red; he is granted the use of "Shadow Blades" and "Darkness Daggers". His power output is increased by 100 times than his normal state. His teath also become sharpened and he becomes more demon than human.

2.) Infinity Blade: Obtains a seemingly endless ammount of blades which can be thrown, must be in "Blood Lust".
  • Shadow Blades/Knives: Mirroring "Jack" and/or "Elmira"; black shimmering blades that are enwrapped in a dark veil and have faint traces of dark blue electricity spiraling inside thier misty surfaces. Almost translucent in appearance-like a shadow.
  • Darkness Dagger: Like Shadow Blades, they are the similar in appearance with the exception of shape. They appear as direct and literal shards of darkness with all shapes and sizes. He can form these from the shadows of his opponents or from the environment directly.

3.) Paralyzation Dagger: Temporarily freezes opponent regardless of defense (Evasion/Guard/Deflect), and keeps them in a state of paralyzation for one post. *Comes in two variants*
  • 2nd variant paralyzes vital life organs-killing opponent instantly or quickly
    • Heart Stopper: Quick death from stopping the heart.
    • Brain Dead: Instant death from inactivity of the brain

4.) Shadow Shift: Can disapate, appear-dissapear-and reapear at will.
  • This includes objects as well other players

  • Doesnt have to be in "Blood Lust" mode

5.) Blood Shift: Like "Shadow Shift"-with two exceptions:
  • If opponent is in proximity to the shifting process, they will be damaged by the blue electric field that surrounds the black vapor used. Will also cause them to fly back-repeling them.

  • Must be in "Blood Lust" to do so.

6.) Vladimir: Using Sirius's Cross, he has the ability to regenerate wounds by combining it with the blood of his enemies.
  • (only able to be used once in a battle/duel)

Limit Break: Soul Release: Technique of a thousand blades- Tom while in Blood Lust forms a deliberate ring encompassing the target. The size of this ring is determined by Tom-using his shadow blades as mini-spires. Once enough are set to encompass the target a unpassable impenetrable barrier in spherical form encompasses the circumferance of the circle. This will trap the two inside-Tom directly controll of the situation. Then he will activate them in a Terronian ritual in mid air-forming a bond with the ritual with his own blood as a catalyst. The entire area transforms-turning black and with dark blue and crimson red electricity flowing in the darkness encompassing the target and Tom. Inside, it is dark-not a natural darkness but a Terronian darkness that cannot be vanquished by the light of man, holy, or spirit. T.O.M. then is able to shape the shadows to his will-swirling darkness around the target and they hover in the middle of the dome. Unable to move, the target is bound in a "X" like manner with the arms and legs bound parallel to each other. Tom then gets to have his 'fun' with the target opponent. He stabs them repeatedly with Elmira and Jack, but avoids vital areas till he gets board-he'll then leap off the target-and will recite: "Soul Release: Technique of a thousand blades!". And now Tom out streaches his hands and from the very walls of the dome itself he forms shadow daggers and with his own hand shadow blades and knives. He sends the seemingly endless barrage of sharp bladed weapons at the immobile target. The target becomes a literal 'pincushion' from all sides and yet again the blades will evade every vital organ. Tom will then seem to walk to them in thin air-even having echos to his feet as he gets within feet of them and undergo dialogue with them. He will then bring up both Elmira and Jack-forming them into one whole blade- Micheal: a longsword made of the darkness that is harbored in all men and women (of former terronia) and will infuse it with the entire race of Terronia's dark power, including his own-and he becomes human again. The blade is then leveled to their heart and he run's them through. As this happens the world crushes in on it self-becoming a blinding white light-to spectators outside the black dome of darkness and hatred, dispair, and chaotic sorrow and sadism cracks-and then explodes upwards into the sky as a dark pillar of shadow and pure darkness-the electricity crackling and tearing into the ground that circumfrences the area of the pillar-and after a few moments it falls-hitting the ground and flattening out-disapating and revealing a hole 6 feet deep in the surface of the area the limit was initiated. The opponent will be a bloody corpse and T.O.M. will still be human and Micheal is re-transformed back to Jack and Elmira.

Process (simplified):
  1. Enter "Blood Lust"
  2. Set a ring of shadow blades around the target one at the most two at a time; once opponent is inside the ring of the blades, the blades will not be able to be destroyed. By this time the ring of daggers/blades are the markers of the impenetrable and unescapable barrier.
  3. Chant the Terronian incantation and sacrfice your own blood in mid-air and the barrier will become pure darkness that cant be prevented or stopped.
  4. Control shadows at will-paralyzing your target and make them immobile.
  5. Slash and stab them with Elmira and Jack repeatedly.
  6. Jump off target, recite aloud: "Soul Release: Technique of a Thousand Blades"
  7. After the target has became a pincushion, combine Elmira and Jack with all power of Terronia and the darkness within your soul to infuse the blade to form Micheal.
  8. Stab enemy through heart with Micheal.
  9. The dome inside rips and collapses.
  10. Area within the ring made is disfigured becoming a perfect hole at least six feet deep.
  11. Remain in human state without use of Terroronian powers for one real week.

Cost: T.O.M. remains a normal human for one "real life" week. Unable to do even the simplest of Terronian skills-and must regenerate the dark energy lost through time.

Limit Break Special (Mu-Irzik Arena Exclusive): "Soul Release: Summon Micheal" - Like Soul Release Technique of a Thousand Blades-except once the target is trapped with Tom in the sphere of Darkness- Tom immediately summons Micheal-becoming human- however possessing the Terronian Spirit blade, he is able to channel the weapons energy and use it's special skills. The weapon can be used in close and long range attacks:
Passive Traits:
  • Blade Growth: The weapon's dual edge blade is at an average five feet in length-can shrink to any size from a maximum extention length of 5' to a minimum shrinking length of about six inches.

Close Range:
  • Offensive

-Million Stab: Like it implies, a million lightning quick stabs
-Cross Slash: Three powerful slashes
-Guard Breaker: Gets into a parallel sword stance-then brings in enough force to break opponent's guard.
-Overdrive: An upward thrust that send's targets flying-till they hit a wall of the barrier within the dome.
-Paralyze slash: A normal slash that paralyzes a limb rather than cutting it clean off.

  • Defensive

-Pole Block: Holds blade like a Pull-arm with both hands in a horizontal fasion, and can block any vertical or diagonal attacks from the front.
-Growth-turn around-Growth Block: If attacked from behind-he can quickly change the length of the blade and bring it under his arm and extend the blade again-excecuting a perfect block for diagonal or horizontal attacks from behind.
-Shade Shield: If already attacked from either the front or hind quarters-a barrier is formed at Tom's shoulders to his feet and makes it impossible to attack the sides of his body.

Long Range:
-Shade Shifter: Blade is stabbed and user focuses energy at the target- Spikes at a maximum of 8' in length rise from the ground and retract and re-rise again as it shifts to a new position closer to the target. Stops when the target is hit or after two opponent turns.
Opponent Tip*:Keep running and jumping and if you stop you will be guaranteed to be hit-if blocked you will be instantly sent to the ceiling of the dome and damaged by both impact and the barrier of the room. If hit-it will feel as though you been impaled and will send you flying and onto your back/chest.

-Shade Shifter II: Blade is stabbed into ground and TOM steps on top of blade focusing energy into the entire area, causing the entire floor to form a thousand spikes upwards (each at an 8' height) [with the exception of where Tom is standing]. Can only be done if it is Tom's sixth turn.
Opponent Tip*: This brief attack can be easily dodged by using the walls of the dome to vault you in mid-air but the dome walls will still damage you with a burning sensational pain that is either brief or mildly long (depends how long you touched the wall). If attempted to simply block you will get the same treatment like Shade Shift original. If hit-you will feel as though you were impaled by several spikes (in all RP reality you are :p) and you will be on your back on the ground immobile for at least one turn. Try to stay above eight feet Razz

-Darkness Slash: Forms a shadow blade the length of Micheal at full size (5') and sends it at the enemy from afar-it has unlimited range and can have four Darkness slashes in one post.
Opponent Tip*: If you block a Darkness slash it will send you ten feet back with no exceptions of weight etc. Can also be dodged. If hit-it will act as if hit by a normal hit in close range. Closer you are to Tom as he uses it the deeper the cut.

Special Talents:
-Gloom Sphere: slams down Micheal at blade tip into the ground-holding the pomel of Micheal and grabbing opponent, Tom will engulf both of them into a sphere that radiates around them-and after a second or two after becoming engulfed the opponent will fly out of the sphere and on their back/chest. Their vision will be blackened-and they will not be able to fully use their sight for at least two opponent turns. Can only perform after first Shade Shifter II use, and can perform before and after second Shade Shifter II use or attempt.
Opponent Tip*: stay away from Tom if he has just made an uniterupted Shade Shifter II; if he looks as though he is going to perform another (Tom's 12th post), stay away from him before and after his attempt. He can still Gloom you if you interrupt his second Shade Shifter II.**

**[in other words: He can only peform this move every six turns he has. If you dont interupt him the first time-you have to stay away from him for at least one turn. He will grapple you in an unblockable hold if you get too close. If it hits his twelth turn-he can be ready to perform Shade Shifter II again. If you try to attack him before it happens Tom may instantly grapple you and gloom you in retaliation for interupting his attack. If you dont-still remain away from him for one turn-for he can again Gloom you after every successful Shade Shifter II.]

-Shadow Pillar Jump (aka: SPJ): A pillar of Darkness pushes Tom upwards-allowing him to jump higher than normal-and is met by another to help aid his decent.
Opponent Tip*: 2 ways to stop it: 1.) You can see or destroy the pillar if you are a spiritually inclined user (ONLY)-and it will immediately cause Tom to fall and be harmed if he is on his ascent before you destroyed it. (since he is physically human in this state the fall will both stun and harm him for one full turn). 2.) You can tell Tom will perform it if he stabbs the ground with Micheal and jolts his body back.

-Whirlwind of Obscurity: After a Shadow Pillar Jump is performed-Tom will spin his blade with enough force that parts of the dome will be obsorbed by the blade and it will cause the blade to radiate black. Tom will then send a whirlwind of dark energy down apon the enemy-a large moving whirlwind that will chase after the target till they are hit. If the target is hit they are sent spinning and immobile as they hit walls floors and ceiling of the dome with bone-crunching force. The opponent will recieve dammage from the whirlwind itself-the impacts of hitting other objects-the unavoidable damage of touching the boundaries or the barrier of the dome-and for hitting the ground when it is finished. If opponent survives the torture of being a flailing rag-doll, they will hit the ground on their back or chest. They will be bloody and dischovled, and will be blind and deaf for at least three opponent turns.
Opponent Tip*: Tom is a veteran fighter. He knows when to use this blinding and overpowering move. He is also a sadist so dont think this is your death written out for you-just be prepared to feel his blade! Only sure way to stop is to make sure he doesnt shadow pillar jump *cannot be prevented after already SPJ'ed or predicted if he will do it after SPJed*

Cost: One real-life week as a human

Being in service of Tenik for the past six years, he is the last 'Master' of the Terroronian Culture, and one of three left in the world who shares Terroronian Blood. The Terroronian's were humans with the power to use the power of shadows, darkness, and hate-and manefest it in the Arcane physical forms. Not magic-because it has substance and it is maleable and it isnt easily controlled or destroyed. This power of Arcane in it's physical form dwells in each Terroronian's body. The darkness within them is priceless-and so to invoke the right of nobility in Terroronian society one has to become a Master. In order to become a master-13 members of Terroronian society must willingly join the Mastery-a building that declares nobility and rank. These 13 candidates were never short-often having to go through an evaluation process before they can offically become a candidate. The 13 then train together and go through six trials-the last trial ends when only one candidate is left alive.
For you see-the body knows how valuable the Dark Arcane within them is-unconciously-that only true Terroronian bodies can recognize in turn. So when a Terroronian kills another Terroronian, they absorb their energy. No matter how-if the act of death of another Terroronian is ever intentional or not, staged or accidental-the power is transfered to the one who did the shameful deed...but in turn they recieve great and sometimes-uncontrolable power.
Tom when he was young became a master at a young age-but held disdain for it-having been forced by the Mastery to kill his own beloved wife (who gave birth to the two only surviving Terroronians later on [Jack and Elmira]); and he was sent away during the Beijio Civil war to recieve supplies from Domescadia, a fellow ally against Beijio. But in revenge, he shipwrecked the supply boat for the rocky and barren land of Terroronia. Terroronia didnt have any natural resources, allies left-and was left to rot.
He woke up suprised-he thought he had killed himself but found otherwise. He was distraut-for now as each person in Terroronia starved and died-he was obtaining their dark legacies. Soon he would be to blame for the death of an entire race-and obtained their power.
He grew corrupt-and he joined Tenik's Red 5ive, becoming the head of the elite cloak and dagger occupation. He is a cunning, experienced, and sadistic killer with vast knowlege and power. He prefers knives as his weapons-and has never used a gun.
Characters: Human A_MAN_by_heise

Fighting Theme/main theme:

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Characters: Human Empty Former Mu-Irzik Semi-Finalist (almost a champion too)

Post  Tifa Lockheart on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:09 pm

Name: Tifa Lockheart
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110-115 lbs
Eyes: redbrown.
Hair: brown long, (sometime maybe short), sometimes ponytail.
Birthplace: Renoa.
Hometown: Renoa was, until she was 5, she moved to scardia where she furthered her skills (Cretu City basicly is her hometown...)
Gunslinger? No
Force User? No
Occupation: Bar Tendress/Maritial Arts Competitor/T.I.R.S. Agent
Physical Appearance: size D breasts; atheletic tone body; shapely and sensuous legs; beautiful, strong. (When she is in freetime clothes, you can sometimes see her underwear if you are looking at her at the right spot ^^)

Weapons: rufus Tirs standard crap; uses her fists, legs, feet; basicly her whole body is a leathal weapon...

Clothes: -Tifa carries clothes with her all the time-she doesnt necessarily wear all of them all the time but she tries her best to change every now and then.

  • -TIRS: A black half buttoned dress jacket, half unbuttoned tight light blue dress shirt (like a halter top, it exposes some clevedge), black spandex under a black-mini skirt attatched by suspenders, black sneakers or comfortable shoes, long navy blue socks that go to her knees, brown leather fingerless gloves. Hair: Down
    • -T.I.R.S. (Injured): A white bandage on right cheek, a bandage around neck, black buttoned dress jacket, white half unbuttoned tight dress shirt (like a halter top, it exposes some clevedge), blue arm-sling, white bandages covering both hands and up the left arm, black spandex under a black-mini skirt, black mini-skirt attatched by suspenders, black sneakers or comfortable shoes, long navy blue sock that gos up to her right knee, navy blue brace on left leg & knee, brown leather fingerless gloves. Hair: Down

  • -Free time: A white sleaveless mini belly and lowcut halter shirt, suspenders attatched to a black mini skirt, red sneakers, ankle socks, white low-rise boyshorts (panties), brown leather fingerless gloves. Hair: Down

  • -Scardian Acadam`e Uniform: Olive drab sailor suit with pleated plaid skirt, white thong, cheap white bra. Olive drab calve high socks, leather shoes. Hair: Up (ponytail)

[list][*]-Mu-Irzik Original Outfit (torn): A white sleaveless mini belly lowcut halter shirt (with large and small torn edges and rips), suspenders attatched to a black mini skirt (with a large tear that goes up the left hip to her waist [fastened together with safety pin]), red sneakers, ankle socks, white low-rise boyshorts (panties), brown leather fingerless gloves. Hair: Down

  • -Conservative (unlocked after Battle in Ithteca Mountain): Black suspenders that pull down over her breast's nipples, attached to her black leather miniskirt; red sneakers; red ankle socks; white low-rise panties; brown leather fingerless gloves. Hair: Down

Characters: Human TifamuirzikmemoriesFINISHED.png?t=1291327579
Mu-Irzik Original Outfit (torn)

Characters: Human 75805-tifa_by_ueyama_michirou_super.jpg?t=1291504253
Conservative Razz

Possessions: A photo of Renoa (before the takeover), her old school uniforms (Scardian Acadam`e and Tenik University); a gold bar necklace that was her father's.

Medical Condition(s) : pushes herself too hard sometimes when faced with almost impossible odds (physically and mentally), although she is not a "perfectionist", she does prefer to do a high class job done right. ^_^

Skills: Several Maritial arts styles; fast runner and exceptional swimmer; free-run and acrobatics; above average in terms of physical fitness and strength.

Natural Skills: hand-to-hand -CqC expert, can swim for long time and distance; handles cold pretty well.

Limit break- PURE DETERMINATION: when Tifa is in the threads of losing or if she gets frusterated to a certain level-she will activate Pure Determination. She will sprint at the target* and from here she will do a series of melee moves that will change depending on the Style she chooses:

  • Gorgon Typhoon:*...and she will jump at a mid level to the target-sending an allmost endless barrage of kicks into the target (around 8 ), ending the kick session with a somersault kick to their jaw-sending the oppenant target up into the air. Tifa will then jump up, and begin to do an almost endless barrage of punches to the opponent (again about 8 ) to the point that the opponent will bend to her punches-Tifa will then finish that session with a powerful downwards elbow drive to their back and will send them into the floor they were originally standing.

    She will finish the beating with the clincher- she will haul the opponent over her shoulders and will begin to spin. As she is spinning she will eventually create a mini-twister. Tifa's hands will slowly slide down grabbing the opponents hands as the twister starts-the twister is the color of the clothes and hair of both Tifa and the opponent as they are spinning with supernatural momentum. Tifa will then suddenly stop and let go of her opponent-sending them flying at least 200 feet without the opponent being able to control their decent.

  • Onishe Monsoon:*... ?????

  • Dragon Hurricane:*... ?????

  • Rancor Tornado:*... ?????

Limit Skill 2: HEART-THROB/HEART-BREAK: Not unlocked yet...

Other facts: Single; a great cqc fighter, working for tenik because she has nothing better to do; wants to see Renoa, even though it is demon ridden...

Date Status: "Im single; you may ask me out but i might decline, (and please dont feel sad if i do! ^.^)" - Tifa

Date Facts: [well i thought we could "spice" this site up a bit ^^. This is experimental, so i hope you ads and mds dont mind me trying at the least ^^]
"I dont like over muscular guys (guys as in guy characters <_<); dont like guys who think too high or too little of themselves; mysterious people...they dont turn me on, neither do I like rich [Greedy or Overzellous] or pompus guys Razz; I hate bums (they waste sooooo much potential! >.< ); I understand them,[pushes back hair] but pervertedness can go only so far till someone's privacy is violated and someone gets pissed! Mad ; Don't like those who treat others wrong![SIZE=-4] Even if Feniran people do suck...(grew up in scardia XD ^_^)[/SIZE]; I also dislike guys who would kill innocent persons or 'things' just to impress me..." - Tifa

"I like a guy that i can relate to, you know? Someone I can get along with...; I like skilled fighters; like guys who are smart and act the way they are; don't mind long as they don't try to eat me XD..." - Tifa

Date Facts 2:
Places of Interest:
"Love danger, but not if it is too extreme and or if it gets to the point where innocent bystanders can get hurt; I love forests and open feilds; small places if they are comfortable and homey ^^; beaches are "O.K.", but doesn't really go often; would LOVE to enter Renoa, but can't yet <_<..." - Tifa


Favorite Activities:
"Hmm...I love to sit outside at night and look at the stars and the moons ^.^; I love to fight and get into a brawl (depends though on the situation); swimming is fun; um, uh...sleeping; love cooking and mixing drinks ^_^; love to train my body for the next fight ahead! Laughing ; love reading and listening to stories about the history, myths, legends, and romance of Galiavan study ^^" - Tifa

bounce bounce

Favorite Food:
"Breland's fast food, Beijio's trademark Ramen and sake (I drink just a little xD), Scardian specialty dishes, and Beiji-Scardian Island most favored dishes (ill find out more soon...maybe... lol)" - Tifa

Shocked How likely to be a monsters food Stats: ********** pale

Characters: Human Tifa-10.jpg?t=1291059994

Characters: Human Tifa-11.jpg?t=1291059994

Characters: Human Tifa%209999

Characters: Human School63

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Characters: Human Empty Re: Characters: Human

Post  Shane L. Highsworth on Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:05 pm

Name: Shane Leeland Highsworth
NickName: Leeland
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Green.
Hair: dark red part.
Birthplace: Brokerlay, Scardia.
Hometown: Beijio City, Gailden.
Occupation: T.I.R.S. Agent.

TIRS Clothes: A white bandana, black unbuttoned dress jacket, white dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, black leather shoes, black leather fingerless gloves, holsters, sunglasses hanging at the tip of his nose.

Free time clothes: A white bandana, tan jacket with rolledup sleaves to elboes, brown leather fingerless gloves, a black muscle-shirt, kaki cargo pants, black sneakers, sidepacks. Spare sunglasses.

Resistance Outfit: Darker Red bandana, sky blue long-sleeved shirt that has the sleeves rolled overtop the duster; Green duster with the sleeves buckled above the elbows, a sling that runs acrossed the chest and back from left to the right-a holster for one of his handguns are on the rightside (he has to grab with left hand); belt around waist, a magivered handgun holster made with black leather attached to the thigh and waist belt. It also has a fastened long black leather flap that goes overtop of it. Black or dark grey pants that are buckled just at the boot line; brown leather boots; brown leather fingerless gloves.

Weapons: Shane fights in a manner which weilds sword in one hand and gun in the other-but he does also switch it up a bit and use dual swords or guns.
Here's a list of his available weaponry:


Custom Quicksilvers:
Characters: Human ShanesQuicksilver.jpg?t=1291066230
(Modified state)
Shane's T.I.R.S. Quicksilver that he modified to his personal liking. 15 round clip containing .45ACP bullets. The highly modified version has a special compensator that allows it for three round burst fire-action.
Characters: Human ShanesCustomQuicksilver.jpg?t=1291066230
(Highly Modified Variant)

Close Quarters- (carried via multi-level sheaths)

Trans Edge(Transformer Edge) [Normal]: A custom built katana that is made to allow the customization and change the look of the blade by adding more blades to it.

Ultimate Trans Edge(Transformer Edge): A custom built katana that is made to allow the customization and change the look of the blade by adding more blades to it; it holds the key to the Highsworth Edge.

Razor: a small buster type looking katana, becomes Razor Edge when combines with Trans Edge.

Cactus Edge: A spiky emerald blade, when combined with Trans Edge, gives ability to send flying spikes at the enemy that return by non breakable cords.

Custom Gunkata: A gunblade katana that is unable to shoot live rounds; instead, gunpowder inside gives the ability to blow enemies away non-leathally. When combined with max blades and the release button and trigger are pressed: It sends an attack known as "Discharge", that sends all the swords at the enemy with the exception of the gun blade it self. (cancels Cactus Edge attack [unless used in Ultimate Trans-Edge])

Kochi: A fully dual edged katana. Lightning quick and durable.

Katana (Glaycian): One of the five remaining Glaycian Katanas. Its a glowing blue katana. Very powerful and feels cool to the touch.

Items: none

Special Abilities:

Limit Break: The Highsworth Edge: A sword that Shane Highsworth created, by combining the other swords in his possession he was able to turn his Ultimate Trans-Edge into a unique and powerful weapon***.

Characters: Human HighsworthUltimateEdge.jpg?t=1291069614

(Highsworth Edge with a gold-leaf chain to a bladed phoenix [it's supposed to look like one Sad )
***: Contains these weapons:

Ultimate Trans Edge(Transformer Edge): A custom built katana that is made to allow the customization and change the look of the blade by adding more blades to it; it holds the key to the Highsworth Edge.


Razor: a small buster type looking katana, becomes Razor Edge when combines with Trans Edge.


Cactus Edge: A spikey emerald blade, when combined with Trans Edge, gives ability to send flying spikes at the enemy that return by non breakable cords.


Custom Gunkata: A gunblade katana that is unable to shoot live rounds; instead, gunpowder inside gives the ability to blow enemies away non-leathally. When combined with max blades and the release button and trigger are pressed: It sends an attack known as "Discharge", that sends all the swords at the enemy with the exception of the gun blade it self. (cancels Cactus Edge attack [unless used in Ultimate Trans-Edge])


Kochi: A fully dual edged katana. Lightning quick and durable.


Katana (Glaycian): One of the five remaining Glaycian Katanas. Its a glowing blue katana. Very powerful and feels cool to the touch.

Limit Break Skill: Total Discharge Level 2: When activated by the trigger-the swords in Ultimate Edge will fly out at the enemy like buckshot-and can return to the Ultimate Edge via highly durable and bladed bungee cords. (Gunkata had combined with Cactus Edge's attack)

NOTE: The Highsworth Edge is able to send all of the above swords out into the enemy and retract back to the blade

Medical Condition(s) : none known yet.

Story: A young man, Shane is decended by a group of warriors known as the Alchemist's of Light, and yet- the secret behind their power is originated by evil.
The goal of each Highsworth member is to break free of a curse that runs through their genes. They obtained an evil legacy, for being the cause of the destruction of the Glaycian City. They sealed this away in a purified blade which was lost to the Highsworth family somewhere around 2282. They were able to live free of guilt, but their power also killed them quickly. The average lifespan of each Male of the Highsworth family is about end this, the blade must be destroyed.
Shane L. Highsworth
Shane L. Highsworth
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Characters: Human Empty Chevalier d'Ordre

Post  Asura on Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:54 pm

Name: Asura 'Cendre' Kimora
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: somewhere in Scardia
Eyes: brown
Hair: Short, light brown hair with one blue and one red steak of bangs.
Good or Evil?: depends on your definition of 'Good and Evil'
Bust: 34 D
Trained by: Malik Goredamon (Father's Master of Arms)
Force User: nope
Occupation: Princesse de Guerrier
Weapons Onhand:
-Madame Rouge: a Briquet (Sabre) with a double edged curving blade-it is seen on her left hip anywhere she goes.

-Asura's Pocket Pistol: A custom pistol made from scraps; it holds a cartridge comparable to a shotgun shell-and it has a pull back bolt-action loading mechanisim. Single shot-and only used if necessary.

Weapon's Offhand:
-Durandal: (look it up), a Mysterious and Noble sword handed down into her blood line every six generations. It is carried in a caravan of her private guards or locked up when she is not in battle.

-Anything: She has mastered most forms of physical combat, and can use elements and other wepons carried by (npc or non-npc) populace.

Clothes: A skin tight white Halter waist coat, black leather piece acrossed lower torso, red double slit skirt held up by a black belt (which also holds Madame Rouge's scabbard), bronze and leather boots, bronze bangles, bronze elbow cops, bronze bracers. (Same as Signature)

Personal items: Durandal, Madame Rouge
Possessions: Durandal

Physical featurez: Beautiful, fair skinned, extreamly atheletic, youth.
Skills: Parquor, swordsmanship, scardian flashstep, scardian speed, hand-to-hand brawling, Beijionese Maritial Arts, fencing.

Limit break: Considérez l'ordre : Épargnez le Charitable, Détruisez le Violent- a flurry of sword slashing attacks that attack the user with potent and violent attacks. If the enemy is Good in allignment, the attacks are dulled blows that dont cut and/or instantly KO target. If enemy is Evil in allignment, the attacks are sharp and clean-causing the target to bleed out. If Enemy is Neutral, normal damage applies. Only used in the moment of near death to turn the tables**, or as a finishing blow. Due to its nature-the attack is unblockable/doesnt miss.

**: The killing/instant knockout effects are disabled, bringing the opponent only to wounding level equal to that of herself. (brings you to her level of damage you delt to her).
Born Deltora Alexandra Cendre of Scardia, formerly of the Cendre Kingdom that fell in 2489; daughter of Chief Valethian Cendre. Growing up into a ruined kingdom that resided in the remote regions of Scardia. Nomadic in the fact her 'clan' moved frequently between Fenira and Scardia, she grew up and watched two different cultures thrive at a young age. To protect their kingly blood right a secret, the Kingdom went under the gise of a mercenary unit- The Chevaliers d'Ordre.
Even when she was young, Deltora was trained to fight. She was quite exceptional at it too-and having been trained by her father's Master of Arms Malik Goredamon it was no wonder why. She was given a tough and rigorous schedual to follow since she was able to walk. This inclued physical training, exposing herself to the various elements of the outside world, building endurance, physical prowess, and mental strategy. Very intelligent-but still naive and empathetic in some points, she has the heart and capability to lead a relatively untrained unit to victory in battle.
She would get her chance to proove so in 2629.
In 2629, the Chevalier d'Ordre enlisted in the service to the Scardian nation against the Terronian Empire. In a mix of hand to hand and broad-side at sea, eight year old Deltora was a fierce and domineering soldier and made her first of many kills that year. She fought on her own ship, with her own command of soldiers at her disposal, and they headed her every word. A Beijionese soldier who was tagged along called her "Asura", which meant "frightful demon" so to her brutal techniques and the carnage she caused (such was the reason why she also called her sabre Madame Rouge: Lady Red-do to the ammount of blood it spilt-but this is still many years later from this point).
With this great sense of individuality and privilege of independance, she learned two main things of leadership: the trust shared between comrads and fellow man-and the cost of failure.
Her father, who was on another ship was killed after it sank in a feirce battle against Terronian Naval forces. She took this heavy blow as a sign as to never give up-and to never fail. She became the Princesse de Guerrier and the soul heir to the Chevalier d'Ordre. After the war with Terroronia was over, she and the rest of the order returned to Scardia where they stayed in isolation in the remote northern sections of the nation and continued training under Malik. She however, continued to travel every now and then-to gain an understanding of tactics and roles that other world leaders used. What she saw was a corrupt world where the strong preyed on the weak, the weak scavanging wastelands-tyrants getting away with murder and genocide. People left and right were in a constant state of fear-and Deltora detested it.
She trained even harder-continuing Malik's schedual till his death in 2636; she then began to improove his regiment and make it even harder on herself. At the age of eighteen, she has prooved her years of training and expertise had not gone in vain. Blossoming into a very beautiful, super atheletical young woman with the mind of a skilled and intelligent leader. Changing her name to Asura Kimora, meaning "Royal and Honorable Demon", she has since amassed a large army of over 500,000 strong from various parts of the world. She is ready to take on the world-and bring order and peace back into a desparate world. She will do this-and restore the lost name of Cendre; allowing nothing to get in her way.


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Characters: Human Empty Re: Characters: Human

Post  Azusa Blair on Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:30 pm

Name: Azusa Blair
Sex: Female
Species: human
Age: 25
Height : 166 cm
Measurements :99-60-88
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Covalt Blue.
Hair: black
Birthplace: Unknown
Hometown: Northern Icecaps
Gunslinger? No
Force User? No
Occupation: BPSA Agent

Physical Appearance: She is a native of the Oma clan of the far north. She looks Beijionese-but is slightly more paler in comparison. She also has a heavy Izhevskian accent, (which is quite like a Russian's apparently ^^ check Galindex Razz); atheletic and trained as a soldier.

Weapons: Two silenced Blackfire Handguns, Pegasus 2640 Nuevo SMG, 2 frag grenades, 1 smoke grenade, combat knife, maritial arts.

Sneaking Suit-A Black Leather and latex outfit. It is skin tight for maximum mobility, and durable to withstand most attacks from enemies. It is also very comfortable and she simply calls it her "sneaking suit"; black leather gloves, heeled leather boots; holsters on thighs." alt="" />

Possessions: Ceremonial tattoo on right buttoks (yeah... Embarassed )

Medical Condition(s) : flexible...(she can flex her body more than the average joe Razz)

Skills: Several Maritial arts styles; marksmanship accuracy is an average 96%

Natural Skills: tracking expert (hunting); works best in cold/freezing environments with limited clothing on too; handles high altitudes well.

Limit break: Death from...: She pummels the target with pistol whips from her twin Blackfires and then:
-...Above: jumps onto target-backflipping and kicking their jaw up (and this stuns them), as she flies back-dropping two grenades (regardless if she has already used them previously) and the target explodes-sending burning and jagged edged shrapnel and sends them on their back at least eight feet.
-...Below (instant kill/knock down submission):
Submission: Slides under target's legs grabbing said legs with both hands, using her lower body weight she swings up-flexing her body up till her feet hit their back. With most of the force in her feet-she sends the target forward and she pulls with her arms to be sure they fall forward on their face.
Kill: She will then (after above said description), twist her body while still standing on their back and aim her handgun/SMG at the back of their head and fire.
-...EVERYWHERE!: drops a smoke grenade (regardless if already been used), and vaults over top of the target-firing her SMG at them from the air. When she hits the ground she would be out of ammo for the smg and she would straife the target firing her silenced handguns from all around the target. She would finish it by tossing her two frag grenades (regardless if already used) and send them into the smoke cloud-exploding the target with deadly precision.

Story: She was born from an Izhevsk Mother and Oma Nomatic Tribe father. She was raised by the Oma till the age of 15. She then lived with her mother for ten years, joining the BPSA when Tenik Incorporated took control of the village her mother still currently lives in-in the Northern Ice-Caps.

Date Status: "Im single"
Date Facts: ask my character out if you like to know all you can about snow and ice Razz

Dislikes: Tenik Incorporated, super hot places, senseless death. Ramen, and Green Tea. Jack asses.

Likes: Sensible people, hunting, ice-fishing, mountain climbing, people with great physique, cold or temperate places.

Date Facts 2:
Places of Interest: Cold or temperate places.

Favorite Activities: Hunting, Ice fishing, cooking, mountain climbing, physical exercise.

Favorite Food: Elk Meat, Dear Meat, Turkey, Mountain Lion, and of course-

-cookies Razz

How likely to be a monsters food Stats: *******

Azusa Blair
Azusa Blair
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Post  Revan Uptincross on Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:04 pm

Name: Revan Uptingcross
Nick name: (find out)
Age: 28
Sex: male

Height: 6'
Hometown: unknown
Hair: Black, long
Eyes: black..
Species: HUMAN

Clothes: a black dress jacket, white dress shirt, black tie , black dress pants, Black Leather gloves, black sunglasses that hang on the tip of his nose, black leather boots.

Weapons: "Quicksilver" Custom Handgun: A Quicksilver that chambers the .45 ACP cartridge. It is stainless steel in frame. Revan has taken an average Quicksilver and had made it be able to fire in semi, three round burst, and full automatic. It has an extended magazine (any handgun in general as well.), also four secret weapons that havent been used in at least 10 years.

Characters: Human RevansAutomaticQuicksilver

Occupation: Head of TIRS; unknown.

Skills: Hand to hand combat expert, bushido lore, and firearms expert.

Limit Break: I have no choice...: "It appears that I cannot avoid this battle. You have should have backed down when you could-but you instead decide to press on. This is what you want? Then this is what you will recieve...prepare for a taste of wrath that hasnt seen the face of war in ten years...your finished."
Revan Uptincross
Revan Uptincross
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Characters: Human Empty Re: Characters: Human

Post  Reno KimKaze on Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:15 pm

Name: Reno KimKaze
Nick name: Kaze (Ka-zey)
Age: 25
Sex: male
Species: Human
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 152 lbs
Hair: red spiked, ponytail
Eyes: green
Physical features: asymetric tattoos under his eyes
Origin: Asrond, poor district area.
Occupation: Tenik International Reconassiance Service member, and Presidential Security Agent Lvl 1.


T.I.R.S. Agent (normal): a black opened dress jacket, white dress shirt, black dress pants, Brown leather sheath on his back, green sunglasses, black leather Sneakers.

Free Time: A hawaiian button up shirt, pair of khaki nickers, sandals, green sunglasses, wristband digital watch on left wrist.

Characters: Human Reno_copy-2.png?t=1292880473

Weapons: Bulma: A Custom Buster Blade which can transform into a number of weapons as well as be a normal sword (check limitbreak for info); TIRS Standard Issue: Quicksilver [Broken]; Quicksilver Zero; and Ol' Reliable**

Skills: Highly durable: After forced to live a rough life in the ghetto's of Asrond, he is hardened and can be able to take most blows that are known to kill a man twice his size; Brawling; Mug.

Limit Breaks:
-Bulma Cattleprod/knight stick: Sword folds into a more managable and carry-easy form.
-Bulma HailFire: Bulma converts to a tri-barrel miniature chain-gun. Fire's automatic rounds at sub-sonic speeds. Bullets are relatively weak.
-Bulma HellLauncher: Bulma converts into a rocket propelled grenade launcher. Can only fire one at a time. Reloads automaticly after three posts after use.
-Bulma PulseFire: Using the power of Lifeforce energy in a mini reactor built into the sword, the sword converts to a miniature version of a mako cannon, which fires lifestream fire at targets in streams of aquagreen explosions that deteriorate flesh. (if used right, can coat the blade in this liquid like stream of energy)

One of Rufus Tenik's most, um...most reliable-no not that Most dependable member of the force of the TITS, Uh TIRS Razz
Well...yeah, not really. But he has been with him from the start ^^
Reno was born in a poor section of Asrond in 2614. He was orphaned, and from a very young age he grew up amongst the slums of Asrond. In 2629, at age 15: Reno joined up with the Orphan Army, where he met a few of the future members of modern day Tenik Incorporated; including Rufus Tenik himself.
He is as stated, a TIRS agent who try's to get by in the TIRS.
** He obtained this large gun from Lost and Found-dosent know how to use it yet-but hey, its free, right?
Reno KimKaze
Reno KimKaze
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Characters: Human Empty Re: Characters: Human

Post  Rebecca Chang on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:39 pm

Characters: Human RebeccaChang_3-1.png?t=1293488730

Name: Rebecca Chang
Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117.3 lbs
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hometown: Ithteca, Gailden
Eyes: brown, Asian
Hair: Dark Brown
Good or Evil?: Neutral (I'm a reporter, duh? Razz)
Bust: 32 D
Skin tone: Asian
Force User: nope
Occupation: Reporter

Weapons Onhand: Black Fire 9mm

Characters: Human BPSABlackfirestainless.jpg?t=1291408203

Clothes: A beige and creme colored dress shirt gathered just below the elbow, bronze bangles on left wrist, black designer skirt with a slit running up the left leg, high heels, Press I.D. Tag on right hip belt.
Characters: Human 311px-Rebecca_image.jpg?t=1293488750

Personal items: PRESS I.D., Video Camera, Reporter's Journal

Possessions: Press ID, Video Camera, Reporter's Journal, (weapon), Clothes, lockpicks.

Physical features: Beautiful, Dantish-Beijionese decent, red painted fingernails, red lipstick.

Skills: Lockpicking, firearms expertise.

Ambitious, talented, and couragous; Rebecca Chang is a reporter working for Galiavan HEAT. When she was 18, Rebecca was a Beijio Public Service Agent working with the Prime Minister of Beijio, acting as her body guard and gathered information that was otherwise 'kept underwraps' from the public and brought it to her attention. She remained a BPSA Agent for 6 years, before retiring early and pursuing her life dream of being a reporter. A month after retiring, she found a job with Galiavan Times-before transfering over to Galiavan heat six months ago. She is determined to make the best of her job, and often heads into the field despite the danger's that may stand against her; but she is otherwise oblivious to this-to an extent.
Being a former B.P.S.A, she has knowlege of modern handguns and one could say she's mastered the limit's of the Handgun class.


Rebecca Chang:
Characters: Human Rebecca_chang.png?t=1293488750

Characters: Human GaliavanHEATIDRebeccaChang.png?t=1293488750


Journalist's Notebook:

Characters: Human Rebecca_chang_nobg_by_taekunart-d2zy6hf-2.jpg?t=1293488750
Rebecca Chang
Rebecca Chang

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Post  Mizuki on Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:55 am

Name: Mizuki Odahara
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 109 lbs
Eyes: pink. Purple
Hair: black, short
Birthplace: Beijio city
Hometown: Ithteca
Gunslinger? No
Force User? No
Occupation: Mercenary/Engineer
Physical Appearance: size 34D breasts; atheletic tone body; beautiful, strong.

Weapons: Wrench;

Clothes: Olive colored overalls, black tube top, glasses, fingerless gloves, white tight thong, combat boots, socks, sidepacks.

Possessions: wrench; lighter; lockpicks; sidepacks.

5.56x45 ammo case
2x green tea
2x herbal medicine.
.44 magnum ammo
Medical Condition(s): None to date.
Skills: Mechanic, weapons repair, piloting.
Natural Skills: Natural hand-to-hand basics.

Other facts: Dating/intimate with Alastor Grey

Story: She is an engineer with alot of capability. She is easy to like and despite her 'appearance', she can handle herself without much problems. She is young and somewhat free spirited. She is currently looking for a mercenary job. She was hired by Alastor Grey, and soon after being hired by him began to slowly fall in love with him. She has slept with him once-just before Galiavan was taken over by Skizer-and she was able to slip into the past just like he did with Rachel Renston-but from Galiavan's surface with the help of a dieing old friend...

Last edited by Mizuki on Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:46 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : weapon change: to prevent paradox :P)

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Characters: Human Empty Re: Characters: Human

Post  Seira Yamaguchi on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:58 pm

Name: Seira Yamaguchi
NickName: Sei
Age: 18 (in 2282)
Death: December 29th, 2282
Cause of Death: Disintegrated by the Galdino City Blast near the end of the First Sephiroth War.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 123 lbs (now weighs nothing)
Species: Human Spirit
Hair: long red-brown, and in high ponytail, (would be down to her thighs if hairtie was undone)
Eyes: blue, beijionese
Physical description: 36 DD breasts, long atheletic and sensual legs, tone chest and sexy bikini line; translucent.
Occupation: Ex. Imperial Ninja, Ex. T.I.R.S. Agent (Spy)

Clothes: Often wears a white slip robe, white thong, hairties, tabi socks, and ninjutsu sandals.

TIRS uniform: mini skirt, black dress vest, spandex elbow high fingerless gloves, garters, nylonstockings, black TIRS shoes. White thong. Hair ties
TIRS uniform 2: Blue robe with plunge, white thong, tabi socks. Like this picture:

Characters: Human Seira.jpg?t=1253196790

Characters: Human Maideninpool6.jpg?t=1280689691

Characters: Human 4415re2-1

Characters: Human Maideninpool7.jpg?t=1280689862

Characters: Human DOA_Kasumi_Smile.jpg?t=1280689862

Characters: Human Doa-kasumi-hentai.jpg?t=1280689862

Characters: Human 469e4e0de92fe.jpg?t=1280689862

Weapons: hand-to-hand combat, searching for a new weapon to replace her katana (damaged beyond repair).

Limit break: TBA

Possessions: TBA

Date Stats: single

Taste Stats: **********

Story: haha my story has ended-I'm a spirit Razz

Physical features: beautiful, athletic...see through Razz

Last edited by Seira Yamaguchi on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:15 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : had too :P)
Seira Yamaguchi
Seira Yamaguchi
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