Match Types: Decided by D-20

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Match Types: Decided by D-20 Empty Match Types: Decided by D-20

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:45 pm

Match Types are as follows: (Matches decided by rolling of a D-20)

  1. Limited Resources - Limit put on ammo...normal kill/ko/submit win rules.
  2. Cage Match - Fight in a Cage first to escape wins
  3. No Limit Breaks allowed - Normal ways to win just no Limit Breaks allowed
  4. Hog Tie - First person to Hog Tie their opponent wins
  5. First Blood - First person to cause their opponent to bleed wins
  6. Jousting - First to knock their opponent off of a stump wins
  7. First Bone to Break -First person to break an opponents bone
  8. Ultimate Destiny - View Ultimate Destiny Video in General Arena Description. Description before Match.
  9. Limit Breaks Only - Normal ways to win except limit breaks are only thing allowed.
  10. Death - First to kill opponent wins.
  11. Ring Out - First to cause opponent to be thrown into stands wins.
  12. Funniest Defeat- Person who beats their opponent in funniest manner wins.
  13. CQC Only - Close Quarter Combat is only technique allowed. Normal win rules.
  14. Two vs. One - Two character team vs. one character. Normal win rules.
  15. Submission - First character to cause their opponent to give up.
  16. Mystery Weapon Only - Only weapon available is a randomly selected weapon which may be anything from a sock to a nuke.
  17. Last Man Standing- Fight until only one person is standing. Win can occur when person is unable to get up or move.
  18. Pie in Face - First person to get a pie into their opponents face wins.
  19. Tag Match - Two teams fight against each other. Normal win rules.
  20. Knock Out- First person to cause their opponent to become unconcious.

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