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General Arena Description Empty General Arena Description

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:51 pm

The General Description of the Arena is as follows:

There is a main wall that surrounds the entire arena with the Bulletin board at the entrance. The wall is made out of Ice and the gate is carved out of rock, clay, and bone.

As you enter the arena you notice five buildngs with a tower in the center next to another building. The five buildings are preliminary and semi-final arenas. The arenas change by modification by the arena staff. The stands surround the arenas as booths. These booths are on tracks that bring the spectator to the appropriate arena they wish to view. Empty booths replace where the spectators last were.

The Tower contains the Presidential Box at the top of the tower so that all the arenas may be watched at one time. The Arena next to the tower is the championship arena. In all the arena areas there is stands with a vendor.

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