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Post  Admin on Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:07 am

Elves: in many works of modern fantasy, elves are a race of semi-divine humanoid beings.


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Characters: Elves Empty Im only part elf in blood-but i will add my character data here to fill things out...

Post  Mina Majikina on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:10 am

Name: Mina Majikina

Nick Name: Mina

Sex: Female

Age: Twenties (Unknown)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 100 lbs

Species: Looks very Human (but has presence of Beji-Scardian Elf)

Eyes: Blue (the same color blue that trims her outfit.)

Hair: White/silver

Hometown: Beiji-Scardia Islands.

Good or Evil?: Good

Rank: (N/A)

Trained by: (N/A)

Trained who: Barduwulf

Force User: No

Occupation: Demon-destroyer extraordinaire

Weapons: Chinsei Hachijou (Bow)

Clothes: White with blue trim ensemble consisting of a bikini, a skirt of sorts (Mina's skirt isn't really a skirt but rather more like a piece of cloth that has been tethered to the woman warrior's waist.), and a pair of blue tabi socks. A big blue bow is wrapped around her head which rises upward to look like a pair of bunny ears.

-She also wears a long white cloak and hood overtop as she walks the streets of Galiavan.

Personal items: Chinsei Hachijou.

Possessions: 500 arrows.

Physical featurez: Tan, D cup breasts, sexy.

Taste Stats*: *******

Special Abilities*: Spiritual Shot: Turns the arrow she's holding into a shard of purified light, causing severe damage to enemies made of darkness..(demons).

Limit break: Hatchi-Saku's Beam Shot- summons up Yoichinoyumi (her brothers bow-even though she had allowed it to be taken on her death bed, and now resides with someone else, but regardless-)and fires a spiritual arrow into the sky...then a thousand beams of light penetrate multiple enemies, or a single concentrated blast pierces the enemy from above.**

(18 years prior)

After falling in love with Jack Taylor, she gets repetitive calls for her brother's bow. She denies the calls, not letting anyone touch it-let alone see it. She later meets Barduwulf, the one vastly reponsible for asking her permission to take Yoichinoyumi. She says to him like the rest 'no', but she did mention to him: "Once I die, it is anyones-but till that day-it will be no is what my brother would want."

Her exact words would be her last on that subject. A while later, she is fatally wounded by Michael of the TIRS. Michael, also known as "T.O.M." and discovered to be the true father of Jack Taylor. She dies in Jack's arms before the fight between dark and arcane even starts.

at present [2657])

Mina is asking guidance of the Spirit King, to allow her to return to the realm of the living-in order to prevent the 'Helms Gate' from appearing. Unknown to either her or the Spirit King, the 'Helms Gate' seems to be a motivating factor in her return to Galiavan...

She is not certain how she got here-but if the ancients will her presance to be be it. Mina was very young around the time of the Beijio Civil-War. Her brother was one of the hero's who defended the Emperor in Beijio with his mighty bow. Her sisters and Mother perished at sea when artillary destroyed their vessal-as they were on their way to expel Evil from a Spring in Hiiten.
Her brother later died of the Majikina Syndrome-a type of tuberculosis that affects people with extreamly high levels of Spiritual energy. It is unknown if Mina carries the same genes-but more than likely she does.
Mina Majikina
Mina Majikina
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